Effective Tips Rid of Your Pigeons in Your Odessa Chimney Today!

While some of the Odessa pigeons will use our chimney to enter our house, most of them will choose to establish their nest in that inconspicuous area. The chimney is an enclosed and warm place that resembles the ambiance of the cave. This makes an ideal nesting ground for the pigeons. In addition, this also keeps them secured against weather elements and the threats of their predators. This allows them to safely raise their young pigeons.

How to Remove the Pigeons in the Chimney

While this may seem harmless, this nature of Texas pigeon will actually lead to different problems. First, the nesting materials of this nuisance creature can block our chimney. Their nesting materials are made up of flammable materials such as dried twigs and feathers. Aside from being fire hazard, the droppings of this bird can also carry pathogens that can cause diseases. 

Using Odessa Chimney Pot Spikes

In case you want to keep the pigeons away from your chimney, the bird spikes would be an excellent solution. Chimney pot spikes are bird deterrents that are specifically designed to keep away the pigeons and seagulls from our chimney. Upon purchase, this will be available in a complete unit that you can immediately install in your chimney. It comes with a flexible strip that can easily be wrapped around. By installing this in your chimney, you will be able to limit the access of the pigeons on their roosting ground.

Chimney Caps

Before using this method, make sure that there will be no baby Texas pigeons that will be left inside the chimney. Separating the chicks from the mother pigeon will lead to their death. You may wait for a couple of days until the baby pigeon will be strong enough to leave your chimney. You should also remove all the nesting materials before covering it with a chimney cap. 

Seal the Holes

Even if you use bird spikes or chimney cap, these would still be useless if there are gaps, crack, and crevices that the Texas pigeon can use to access our property. Sealing these holes will prevent the pigeons from infesting our property. You may use wire mesh when sealing the gaps. In case you are afraid that the wire mesh will be detrimental to the aesthetic feature of your house, you can use the less obvious barriers that will keep them at bay.

Scare Tactics

This method will not give you a long-term result. However, once you combine it with the other techniques that we mentioned here, then you can successfully eliminate the pigeons in your chimney. Loud sound can disrupt their senses. The presence of decoy can also bring them discomfort. Try to use these scare tactics alternately to achieve the maximum desired result.

These are just few of the methods that you should use to drive away the pigeons in your Odessa chimney and eliminate the health threats that it presents. You can also seek the service of the professionals that will deliver the superior result.

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