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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Odessa! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Odessa, TX. When you start to see signs such as black spots of droppings in your attic, or you are hearing scratching sounds from the wall cavity, it can be quite scary, which is why we are always on hand to help. Our professional agents are here to discuss your situation 24/7, and have the experience and knowledge to give you an idea of how our professional technicians deal with the situation. They can also arrange for a quick appointment with one of our technicians to visit your home, which will often be available on the same day. Our technicians are trained in many different animal control techniques and have the latest equipment, so they can resolve your issue as efficiently as possible. Where possible, we will look to use exclusion methods to get rid of the animals, which works well with birds, squirrels or bats, or will use traps where necessary. Our agents also have the right protective equipment to keep them safe, but also have the tools to sanitize the area and remove any feces or soiled materials, so that your family is also kept safe as well. Call us now at 432-227-0930 for your Odessa wildlife control needs.

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Odessa Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Mothballs and Ammonia Will Not Help Repel and Kind of Texas Rodent - Learn Why!

Ammonia and mothballs will not help you in repelling the Odessa rodent infestation. You will be surprised to know that there are no repellents that will be effective against rodent. Convincing them to leave our property that provides them with warmth and security by using only repellents will be an impossible job. On top of that, ammonia and mothballs can have detrimental effect on our health and environment.

Why Mothballs Will Not Work against Rodents

Mothballs are originally designed to ward off the cockroaches and moths that are destroying our garment. They are Texas pesticides in solid form. They will gradually turn into gaseous form that will release their toxic content. It contains naphthalene or paradicholorobenzene. The content is very minimal that will not instantly kill the animal. If they don’t feel comfortable with the mothballs, they can simply create a hole that leads to the other room of our house that will simply magnify the damages.

Mothballs come in a round shape that resembles our favorite chewy candy. Paradicholorbenzene and naphthalene will have different effect when we accidentally ingest them. After we become exposed on a significant level of these active compound, it may cause nausea, vomiting, and headache. Prolonged exposure to these compounds is also dangerous since they are carcinogenic. Mothballs can also have adverse effect in our environment. The compounds are known to be toxic that can contaminate the ground and water.

Why Ammonia Will Be Ineffective against Odessa Rodents

The urine of the Texas animals will contain an ammonia. This probably explains why some people are using them as repellents. Sadly, since the urine spray repellent will be ineffective against the rodents, it is to be expected that ammonia will also be useless against them. Just like mothballs, it also comes with negative effect to our health.

Ammonia is a widely-used toxic chemicals in the US. It has that powerful and suffocating odor that will irritate you. Once we inhaled ammonia, it will produce a compound known as ammonium hydroxide. This chemical has a corrosive property and it can also damage the cell in our body upon contact. The seriousness of the symptoms will depend upon the level of your exposure on ammonia. If it is highly concentrated it may lead to damages in the lungs, blindness and even death.

Better Alternatives

There are different techniques that you can use when getting rid of the rodent in your Odessa attic. You may use a trapping device that is an excellent way to decrease the population of the rodent. There are minimum hazards if your method does not involve chemicals and poisons. You can also use exclusion device to end the problem of infestation. Nonetheless, you may need to properly follow the instruction when introducing exclusion device in your attic.

Mothballs and ammonia are chemical solution that will damage your health and environment. If you want a safer and effective solution, you may consult the local wildlife removal agency and allow them to determine the best method to use to get the rodents out of the attic.