The Surprisingly Simple Reproduction Habit of the Texas Rat

The Odessa rats are known for their incredible ability to reproduce. Three to five weeks after their birth, some rats will reach their sexual maturity. Compared to other urban creatures, the rats do not have a definite breeding season. They can reproduce despite of the climate. The female rat will reach a menopausal stage at 18 months. During this time, her mating habit will greatly be reduced. The average litters during this period will be considerable lower.

The Mating Habit of the Norway Rat

The mating habit of the Norway rat will change depending on the density of the population. When the population is low, the Norway rat has a tendency to be polygynous. This means that one male will mate with several female rats. In this situation, the male will be dominant and will monopolize the burrow filled with females. On the contrary, if the population of the rat is dense, they will find it difficult to maintain this habit. The reproduction of the rats will be referred to as polygynandrous. 

The polygynandrous may cause sperm competition. When the sperm of various Odessa rats are competing for the eggs of the female rats, the male species that will release more sperm will have a higher chance of producing litters. This habit can be quite stressful in the part of the female rats. This is due to the fact that the interval of the copulation is significantly brief. This will reduce the probability of conception. The failure in the reproduction will adversely affect the population of the Norway rat. In order to prevent this, the female rat will escape from the male rat after copulation and will only return after 3 minutes.

The Reproduction of Black Rat

The Texas black rats are also known for their high rate of reproduction. However, when compared to the Norway rats the average litters that they produce is a bit lesser. Their gestation period will only last for around 6 weeks. During this time, they will give birth to about 6 pups. According to the study, the black rat has the capacity to produce at least 40 baby rats in a yearly basis. When the black rats are in the outdoor environment, they will reproduce during the warm months only. After their birth, the black rats will reach their sexual maturity after only 3 weeks. 

The black rat has the ability to reproduce all through the years. The peak of their mating season will happen during the Texas summer and the fall season. The young rats will be helpless for at least 2 weeks. After this, they will start to become more independent and they will explore the areas near their nest. They do not necessarily care in the weaning of their child.

Due to the immense capacity of the Odessa rat to reproduce, you don’t want them in your property. Otherwise, you will be suffering a full-blown infestation. No one wants their house to suffer an immense damage due to the destructive nature of the rats. Call the help of the rat removal specialist immediately to get rid of them.

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