BEST Ways to Get Rid of the Moles in Your Odessa Yard For Good!

Just when you finished preparing your amazing Odessa lawn, you discovered mounds of dirt that ruined the aesthetic feature of your landscape. Although sometime moles can be actually beneficial to our garden since they control the presence of pests, they can also damage the root system of the plants. Fortunately, there are simple yet effective ways on how you can effectively get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of the Moles in the Lawn

Getting rid of the Odessa moles will start by finding an active mole tunnel. Start by covering the molehill and wait at least 2 days. On the off chance that the hole has been uncovered again, this is a clear sign of active mole infestation. 

Using Traps

Trap seems to be the most efficient method in getting rid of the Texas moles that are infesting our lawn. Most of them are spring-loaded that you need to set-up and assemble on an active tunnel. Here are some of the preferred types of mole traps.

  • Lure Trap- This is probably the simplest and easiest mole trap to set-up. You may simply place it on top of the tunnel. You don’t necessarily have to dig the ground. Simply push it into the tunnel by exerting a considerable amount of force.
  • Circular Trap- This is the more cost-efficient type of trap. In addition, this can also work effectively against rats and gophers. When using this trap, you will first need to dig the mound. You will then place the trap inside the mound and then seal any gaps to prevent the light from passing through.
  • Loop-choking trap- This should only be used if you know how to properly set it up since it will require a great deal of work. However, once you get accustomed with this type of trap, then this will be highly effective.

  • Fence

    Fencing and barriers will also help you avoid a Texas mole infestation especially if it is installed in a proper manner. It should be buried at least 1 foot below the ground that will deter the digging habit of the creature. Apart from installing the fence, you should also make sure that your lawn will remain on top condition. Trimming the grasses will help you identify the presence of mounds immediately.


    There are plants that are believed to have the property to repel the Texas moles. Alliums, marigolds, and daffodils are some of these plants. Castor beans can also be used to drive them away but they are poisonous. Using spray repellents may not be an excellent solution since the scent will immediately dissipate. It should be applied regularly in order to notice some changes in your lawn.

    It is best to use the methods here in conjunction with other solutions to completely eliminate the Odessa mole infestation. You should also consult the expert since they can help you determine solutions that will prevent future infestation. This will help you avoid the damages related with mole invasion.

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